About Kristy

Kristy was born in Tioga County in upstate NY and lived in Candor and Apalachin before moving to VA in 1992. In 6th grade, she and bridesmaid Stephanie met and immediately became inseparable. For the next 2 years they spent almost every weekend together until Kristy had to move back to NY with her mom and sister, the matron of honor. Once back in NY she finished high school at Chenango Valley and graduated in 2004.

Following HS, Kristy attended Binghamton University, where she met bridesmaid Lindsey. Kristy started as a volunteer at Union Volunteer Emergency Squad in 2005. Kristy graduated from BU in 2007 with a double BS in Biology and Psychology, and shortly after graduation obtained a paid part time position with Union. In 2008, Kristy was blessed with a beautiful little girl who became the center of her life. In 2009 Kristy took a full time job at Union and then in the summer started Paramedic school at BCC.

After graduating from BCC as a Paramedic in Dec 2010, Kristy worked in the field for a little over a year before taking a supervisory position as a Deputy Director of Operations working to expand the community outreach of Union.


About Brian

Brian was born and raised in Owego, NY where he attended OFA and graduated in 1997.  Brian was a volunteer for South Side Fire Company with best man Eric.  He attended Corning Community College but college took a back burner to a career.  He took a couple classes a year and in December 2010 Brian graduated with a degree in Fire Protection Technology. 

In 2000, Brian was hired at Endicott Fire Department where he met groomsmen Dan and Alex.   Despite working for different fire departments at the time, Dan and Brian were partners at the NYS Fire Academy where according to Dan's recollection, he woke Brian up every morning, carried him for 9 1/2 weeks and was the sole reason Brian graduated.....(that's not how it actually happened).   Over the next 11 years Brian received a promotion to Code Inspector and also served as President of the Endicott Professional Firefighters.  After parting ways with Endicott Fire Department in Dec 2011, Brian took a position with the Office of Child and Family Services through New York State as an Inspector for daycare facilities in June.  Brian also works part time as an Emergency Services Technician at Huron Emergency Services where he has been since 2003. 

Brian is a member of the Edward P. Maloney Memorial Pipe Band where he playes the snare drum


How We Started

Although we had known who the other was through working together at Union and EFD, respectively, we didn't know each other personally. In Dec 2009, Brian, being too shy to confront me personally, sent me a message on Facebook asking if I would like to “to hang out sometime, get coffee, a movie, drinks, whatever." I, being inundated with being a single mom, having a full time job and going to school full time for Paramedicine was a little wary about dating due to a lack of free time and leading a crazy/hectic life.

Brian didn't give up and even went out on a limb to invite Kimmy along for a dinner date. So, on Dec 7, we went to Applebee’s for dinner and although slightly distracted with the antics of an 18 mo old at the time, had a good time. Brian's thought it was especially entertaining with some of Kimmy's speach and made multiple, continued attempts to get Kimmy to say "fork," as that is not what generally came out.... After dinner, we went outside and Kimmy immediately started playing in the snow and soon grabbed both of our hands and proceeded to walk us around the outside of Applebee’s parking lot 2 or 3 times.

Finally, we ended the night with a hug, and went our seperate ways. It wasn't long before we started talking regularly and it seemed that the West Ambulance Crew was making more visits to the FD on down time to "visit." The more time we spent together, the more it wasn't even a question in my mind that I had done myself and Kimmy a huge favor by taking Brian up on that dinner invitation! :-)

In 2010 we purchased our first house together in Endicott.

In 2011 we learned that we would be welcoming a new addition to our family and on Aug 6, 2012, Mason James was born.  He is growing fast and will be our ring bearer!

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